Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jordan's Heart Foundation

ABOUT US: Jordan's purpose holds so many facets and Jordan's Heart Foundation is only one. through this organization, the inspiration of his testimony will live on forever in the hearts he touches.

ABOUT OUR MISSION: Our mission is to inspire, encourage, educate and empower families across the globe with babies and small children living with critical, chronic, terminal diseases and disabilities. We hope to inspire them with our testimony of faith, courage and perseverance to be more than conquerors in the face of adversity. We hope to encourage them to live life in the moment. Without fears of what may come, but to hold fast to the simple joys of each giving day. We will help to educate them to fully understand all the details of their child's condition with extreme confidence. We will help to empower them to take charge in their child's care, to be completely involved in every aspect of their medical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Most importantly, to be the voice of their child.

ABOUT OUR PLAN: We wish for every child to grow and thrive through the power of love, touch, voice and smell. And we wish for every parent to be lifted up spiritually and press in towards God during this time. To feel honored that God chose them to be the parents of their child. And to live up to that honor everyday of their lives.

Our plan is to donate Jordan's Heart Care Packages to Ronald McDonald Houses, Children's Hospitals, and Neonatal Intensive Car units all across the globe. These packages will include resources for counseling and support for families in need. Names, numbers, links and addresses to further educate themselves on their child's condition. Children's books so they can develop quality time with their child and also for the child to hear and listen to the loving voice of their mother or father. A baby bath kit, so the child can experience the simply joy of a parents touch. A small inspiration pamphlet written by Rebecca Ybarra to help uplift and love yourself, your family and your child. A small blanket for the parents to emerge their scent into and leave with the child when they can't be there. This blanket will also double as a pillow case keepsake for unfortunate parents to comfort their hearts and catch their tears.

This is just the first step and a glimpse to the mere beginning of numerous plans, enormous dreams and vast blessings that we have in store for Jordan's Heart.

In the future we hope to have a team of professionals that consist of counselors, pastors and prayer teams to help encourage. Voluntary nurses and doctors to help educate and empower. and families who have had the same experiences and have overcame adversity to inspire through the life of their testimony. We would love to tour and hold live motivational seminars at hospitals around the nation. We would also love to build a free full service 24 hour hot line by phone and the Internet with the above staff to answer any questions, concerns or simply to inspire, encourage, uplift and empower parents and families at any time day or night.

God Bless and God Speed

Rebecca Ybarra